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A hybrid world of work.

There’s a lot of hype around hybrid working. But as we reimagine our worlds of work, what does this really look like?

From investing in new digital platforms to the evolution of our physical workspaces, maintaining leadership visibility to creating communities that engage everyone across the organisation, internal communications teams have a lot to do.

The Hybrid Hub

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Co-designing the future of work
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Our approach to harnessing hybrid.

Every organisation will look at the future of work in a different way and there are a lot of moving parts.

We can help you harness hybrid working and make it work for your people, wherever they are.

We‘ve been working with a number of national and global organisations to create, implement and embed their hybrid strategies. The experience this has given us puts scarlettabbott in a very strong position to help you on your journey.

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Measurement that matters

It’s easy to assume that your people will want a mix of onsite and remote work. But hybrid working is much more nuanced.

How are you involving your people in creating what your future of work looks like?

Our insights work makes sure that your decisions and policies reflect what your people want.

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Setting your strategy

Do you have a hybrid working playbook?

What will you need to attract, onboard and retain the best talent? How will you encourage connection and collaboration?

We will work with you to co-create a detailed engagement strategy, identifying and solving the big-ticket issues of hybrid working.

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Understanding your culture

Identifying and protecting your cultural strengths is harder to do in a hybrid world.

Without the proverbial water cooler, many organisations are worried about losing ‘what makes us distinctly us’.

But creating culture when people work from everywhere is achievable. Through tailored audits and listening exercises, our culture change experts will show you how.

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Internal comms with impact

A growing list of channels, sprawling communities, multiple time zones, line manager training and time sensitive campaigns on the issues people care about. Internal communications in a hybrid world of work is more complex.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be harder to thrive in.

Our IC & engagement experts will help you make an impact, no matter where in the world your people are located.

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Digital transformation

If 2020 was the year of the digital band-aid, now is the time for meaningful investment into the platforms that will support flexible collaboration, communication and communities.

Exciting new technology solutions are entering the market at increasing numbers. Which should you use and where do you start?

Our head of digital can help you evaluate your digital landscape and implement new solutions, or make sure you’re getting the most out of the systems currently in place.

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Diversity, inclusion and belonging

This important topic is in the limelight like never before and employees are demanding their companies take a positive stand.

Inclusion in a virtual world introduces new challenges and dynamics for teams to consider.

Our D&I experts can help you evaluate your policies, identify cultural blockers to inclusion, and surface the stories that foster belonging.

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