Without a clear informed strategy, the value of important business activities, initiatives and communications is often diluted as they become lost in the noise, when they should be grabbing attention, inspiring action, and driving change.
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What we offer

Our value and expertise lie in exploring and challenging perceived wisdoms.

We ask the right questions, and sometimes the tough ones. The ones that build next-level strategies, align leaders, ready managers, and motivate everyone. We help you form, articulate and communicate your strategy, brilliantly.

Strategy helps you answer questions like:

  • How do I define and articulate a clear road map for organisational change?
  • How do I build and deliver an engagement or change strategy?
  • How do I evaluate if I have the right communication infrastructure in place?
  • How do I leverage behavioural science to motivate people to act?
  • How do I coach my leaders to be champions of change?
  • How do I know what success looks like?
  • What is the say/do gap with our leaders?
05 Strategy Business strategy
Identify, articulate, communicate

We’ll help you identify and articulate your organisation’s purpose, vision, ambition, strategy and values. Then we’ll make sure you’re equipped to communicate them to your people brilliantly.

06 Strategy strategic narratives
The strategic narrative

We’re master storytellers, and we’ll co-create a powerful and engaging narrative with you – one that forms the basis of all your strategic communications, keeping messaging consistent and relevant.

07 Strategy Defining IC
Aligning strategies

Your IC team’s strategy should align with your business strategy and use IC best practice to execute your plans. We’ll help you to see the wood for the trees and plan the year ahead.

08 Strategy Channel and content
Discovery, audit, strategy

Discovering your strengths and weaknesses is the crucial first step. Our channels audit work is class leading, and the resulting report and recommendations ensure you extract maximum value from your long-term strategy.

09 Strategy Leadership coaching
Leadership coaching

As a leader, no-one knows your business better than you, but sometimes you need a fresh perspective. Our qualified coaches ask the questions you might not have thought of and stay focused on your objectives.

10 Strategy Leadership visibility
Leadership visibility

Being seen and heard builds trust. We’ll use a cross-channel approach to make your leadership team more visible. We can also plan engaging and meaningful sessions for your leadership and employee events.

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Communicating the BT Enterprise strategy.
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Building our 3T experience.
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Helping tech experts bring their vision and strategy to life.
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Strategy through storytelling.
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Powering Allianz UK’s journey to 2025.
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TopIC: Strategy

Communicating your organisation’s strategy.
When it’s time to communicate your organisation’s new strategy or reconnect your people to your existing strategy, our expert consultants are here to support you.
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Creating an internal communication strategy.
An IC strategy is essential to help you and your team decide where to spend your time and energy, track your success and manage the expectations of your stakeholders. Our expert consultants can provide an outside view to identify and articulate your plans.
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Reaching your sustainability goals.
We are facing an urgent global climate crisis and pressure is being put on large organisations to step up and contribute to the climate change reduction targets laid out in the Paris Agreement. What you say must reflect what you do, so our team of consultants and writers can help you craft a compelling sustainability story.
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