Culture Diagnostic.

A simple diagnostic tool to better understand your organisational culture
Culture Diagnostic

Leveraging your cultural chemistry

Defining your organisational culture isn’t easy. Your culture is the DNA of your organisation – the more you understand it, the better you can leverage and influence it. And that means a smoother and more effective path to your strategic goals.

Based on academic frameworks, our approach explores the symbols and elements of your current culture to create a big picture of your strengths, weaknesses and drivers. Whether you’re on the cusp of change, are going through, or coming out of a transformation, by understanding what makes you strong, you can protect it, and mitigate any risks.

How we do it.

We’ll explore your culture from two perspectives

Cultural elements – how it feels to work in your organisation. The characteristics and behaviours your people want vs those they feel around them.

Cultural symbols
– the things that make your organisation what it is. What people see, think and do.

Culture Diagnostic2

We’ll gather the insight in two ways

A 20-minute online survey – we’ll survey a sample of your people to explore the difference between what they want and what they get from your culture.

90-minute high-energy virtual workshops
– in a hands-on and high-energy workshop, we’ll explore the symbols of your culture and get into the depths of what makes it the way it is.

11 Culture Change Culture workshops

We'll share the findings with your stakeholders

Following a detailed analysis of your cultural type – the elements and symbols that make your culture – we’ll present the findings via a working session with you and your stakeholders.

Starting with the big picture and working audience by audience, we’ll articulate the story of your culture and explore what makes you strong.

Together, we’ll identify the interventions that will enable you to leverage and strengthen your culture and drive performance in the business.

Culture Diagnostic3

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