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Meet Sophie Winship, Creative

Sophie has been part of the scarlettabbott family for over a year now; she brings her enthusiasm, ownership and creative skillz to every client she works with. She’s come up with four facts and a fake about herself; all you have to do is guess the fib. All five sure had us guessing – can anyone really like kiwis that much? Find out the fake by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

My mum is an artist

After leaving uni, I worked as a runner at Mother Advertising in London

Next year, I will cycle from Milan to Venice in three days

I got a Blue Peter badge for creating a papier-mâché elephant as a kid

I eat kiwis with the skin on.










FAKE: 4. I never did get a Blue Peter badge, despite all the random crafts I made out of toilet rolls, pasta and papier-mâché as a kid :(