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can we crack the measurement nut?

Can we crack the measurement nut?

It’s measurement month… ‘hooray’ I hear you cry.

Personally, I’m never happier than listening to eighties power ballads and getting stuck into a ton of data to find those genuine proof points or dazzling insights. I find huge satisfaction in mapping out masses of information and articulating it, simply, in a Venn. But I’ll make a guess that for most comms professionals that sounds boring and confusing. Plus, you simply don’t have the time, resource, or inclination to spend the time getting that deep into the detail of measurement.

And that’s fair enough. After all, we’re already stacked out making the most of the seat at the table we’ve worked so hard to achieve, delivering for stakeholders, and providing communications that make a real difference for our people.

In my job I get a unique – and what I consider to be privileged – level of access to the in-house world. Access that means I get to meet and work with dozens of super smart and incredibly interesting clients from lots of organisations. These are people who are balancing strategy and planning for/reacting to crises. They are managing relationships and influencing across the board. And they are committed to creating the best bloody comms they can. They know the value that they – and internal communications – can and do bring to the business. And they know that to secure resource and budget, they need to prove their ROI.

It’s from these people that we learn about the real challenges around measurement; the complexity of line of sight to the overall goal, consulting on and delivering multiple projects, managing the wants and needs of multiple stakeholders and truly distilling what to measure, how and why.

Measuring the impact of internal communications isn’t one-size-fits-all (sorry). It’s not as simple as a plug and play. But there are theories and processes that can guide our thinking – and create solutions. Things like the AMEC framework challenge us to consider the bigger picture and are brilliant for guiding our thought process – and there’s a new one out this month, too. There’s a vast amount of academic thinking and research from across internal comms and PR that’s truly valuable. Sure, I love crunching the numbers, getting a spot-on methodology and challenging ourselves to make the complex simple, but it’s getting into the detail of what makes each organisation, and comms team, unique where we can begin to crack that measurement nut.


It’s knowing where to start and what that means for your organisation.


Over the next month we’ll be sharing some of the challenges, highlights, myth busters and top tips that we and our clients have with regards to measurement. We’ll offer opinion on and, hopefully, generate positive discussion around the measurement of internal communications. It might not be one-size-fits-all, but it doesn’t need to be impossible, or even difficult.

As an online community, I’d love your contribution – your successes, challenges, your woes and your WTFs around measurement. What do you measure or why don’t you? What gets in your way? I want to build a discussion that we can learn from.

Lisa Hawksworth, Senior IC Consultant