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Ask Me Anything…

Increasing leadership visibility to drive organisational performance.

“We don’t hear enough from our leaders.” “I don’t even know who our CEO is.” “We never hear information straight from the horse’s mouth.” “Our senior execs aren’t like real people. We never see them, let alone speak to them.”


Sound familiar?

Employee surveys consistently highlight a lack of leadership visibility as a major complaint among employees, and research from CIPD indicates that less than one third of employees trust senior managers.

Leadership roadshows are often the suggested solution and, while they have an important part to play in internal comms, they can come with six-figure price tags and be months in the making. Most IC teams simply don’t have the resources to do these throughout the year.

But what if every one of your people could have a one-to-one, unique conversation with your most senior executives?

Think your leaders don’t have time?

Think again…

Ask Me Anything… is an artificial intelligence solution that allows individuals to ask leaders any question they like, any time, and get an answer there and then.

Through a combination of pre-recorded film, advanced search functionality and machine learning, it enables every employee to have a virtual conversation with a leader.

Discussing financial results, launching new values or strategy, onboarding new joiners, or just helping people get to know their leaders… the possibilities are (almost) endless.




Get in touch and we’ll explain more, or take a look at our short animation for a live demo. Don’t forget, you can ask us anything!


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