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Exploring what it means to be creative

When Northumbrian Water wanted to help their project managers think more creatively about their work, we ran a high-energy, one-hour workshop. We helped them to explore what creativity is, why it’s important and how to think creatively, even if you don’t believe you’re a creative person.

Northumbrian Water Group’s Corporate Communications team was evolving the way it did business planning. As part of the change, they assigned project managers with multi-disciplinary teams to campaigns across marketing, PR and internal communications. To help the project managers and their teams get to grips the exciting new way of working, Northumbrian Water Group wanted to give them a crash course in creativity.

We ran a high-energy, one-hour workshop to explore what it means to be creative, why it’s important and how to do it, even when you don’t think of yourself as a creative person.


Creativity requires a bit of energy, so we got everyone on their feet from the beginning. Through a mixture of group exercises, solo brain-teasers and good old-fashioned discussions, we debunked myths, explained why creativity can boost productivity and explored practical tips for being a bit more creative.

We gave everyone an insight into the creative side of communications and showed that creativity is a skill that can be practised.

scarlettabbott, you smashed it! The creativity session really got us thinking differently. Plus, it was great fun. Thank you!”.


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