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Essential for any digital communications journey is a clear vision.

You need a digital vision that supports your goals and aims as an Internal Communications team, and clarity on how it will support the wider business strategy. And you’ll need a digital vision that’s clear and easy to articulate key objectives, desired outcomes and measures of success to your key stakeholders too; everyone will need to move in the same direction.


What is it you want to do?
And what does success look like?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it clear within your Internal Communications team how your team, your audiences, and the business, can benefit from digital technologies?
  • Is it clear ‘what good looks like’; have you imagined the world where digital communications is supporting you and the business? What does that look like?
  • Do your key stakeholders understand the opportunity for digital communications, in a language that resonates with them (profit, resource, innovation, growth, customer service…)?
  • Does the organisation as a whole have an appetite for ‘the new’ and is it brave and capable enough to try new ways of doing things?
  • Are there colleagues already demonstrating savvy digital behaviours? Are there pockets within the organisation you can learn from, and champion?


A global electronics business

Faced with a complex business of various cultures, multiple legacy platforms, pockets of shadow IT and departments at different stages of digital transformation, our electronics client needed clarity as to what their digital communications state of play was, and how it could be advanced.

We devised a thorough digital research programme that led us to interview senior stakeholders around the world, survey employees about their tasks, desires and needs, and hosting face to face workshops with non-desk based employees so that we could obtain authentic insights and data to paint an accurate picture of their digital landscape and opportunities.  

This resulted in a data-led 28 page report with clear recommendations across themes such as infrastructure, governance and user personas, to support the business and provide the insights and research they need to drive their digital transformation journey.



 Talk to us!

If you’d like support in building and articulating your vision, we’re in a fantastic position to help. Workshops, white papers, business cases; we can sit down with you, your wider team, and your key stakeholders to create a joined up, objectives based, realistic-to-deliver strategy that will underpin your digital communications ambitions, and ensure you’re always moving in the right direction… and can prove that it’s been a success when it has!



Get in touch and let’s discuss how to move your organisation’s digital ambitions and vision to the next level.