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A place for your employees to have wonderful online experiences.

Your channel infrastructure underpins your digital communication goals, and you need to know it’s tried, tested and true to your cause. With a proliferation of platforms and new ones launching every month, it’s easy to get lost or feel spoilt for choice. And sometimes, it’s simply a case of making the best of the channels you’ve been given.


You need a home for your online communities; what are the platform/s you need to achieve that?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Based on your digital vision, do you have a clear idea of which platforms you need in order to bring this vision to life?
  • Beyond the marketing and functionality lists on websites, are you confident that the channels you have, or are thinking of buying, will really support your people and the digital vision you have in mind?
  • Do business leaders encourage the use of the channels you already have in place?
  • Do your people have the devices and resources they need to realistically access these platforms?
  • Do you have a sound understanding of where there may be gaps, or overlap, in your current channels mix that a digital platform can remedy?


An employee handbook that can respond to questions itself?

An employee handbook is traditionally an expensive tome of information that’s often overlooked when employees have questions. Instead, they’d rather pick up the phone or send an email to the HR department, who then spend a lot of resource answering the same employee enquiries.

But what if a simple AI powered program could respond to a huge percentage of these questions, automatically?

For our supermarket client, we built a mobile friendly Chatbot that, though the Facebook messenger platform,  allows employees to make basic HR enquiries – “what are my pension options?”, “What is our maternity policy?”, “How much leave am I entitled to?” – in a messenger format that’s available 24/7 and doesn’t require constant resource to respond to enquiries.


Talk to us!

Maybe you have channels in place that aren’t serving their purpose as you’d hoped? Or you have a new channel in mind, but want to know if it’s *really* going to help support the behaviours you want to see from your employees?

With our extensive experience in channel audits and our fantastic knowledge of the channel landscape, we’re in a fantastic position to help you make the most out of existing platforms, or help you choose the right new platform for the job.



Get in touch and let’s discuss how to move your organisation’s digital ambitions and vision to the next level.