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You're ready to go digital... but is the business ready?

Capability is key. With the very best content on the very best channels, you could still be shouting into the void if your people don’t have the access or skills to be a part of these conversations. Education and support can help overcome these challenges.


Your people need the confidence and appetite to use the digital platforms you introduce. What can you do to make it as easy and accessible as possible for them?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Will introducing new technologies and ways of communicating be well received by our audiences? Who’s likely to be more keen, or a barrier for change?
  • Are your people familiar with modern day communications tools?
  • Do your people have company devices and ways to access the platforms available?
  • Are your leaders a model for behaviour, and use digital platforms themselves?
  • Where in your business are people ‘doing their own thing’? And what can be learnt from this?


Using gamification to help explain complex topics.

Business growth was an important topic for one of our financial services clients this year, and a key element of their  performance review conversations. However, it’s difficult to talk to colleagues about a topic that few of them have direct experience of. 

The best way to understand and empathise with something is to experience it; so we decided to make every employee the CEO of their own business for 15 minutes! 

We built a ‘Game of Growth’ where employees were challenged to grow their own fictionalised business through allocating resources and making growth decisions. With their results presented to them at the end, they were now ready to discuss this complex subject as part of their performance review.


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