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Future Functions: Diversity & Inclusion

Future Functions is all about exploring where our industry is heading. What roles will IC professionals be doing in the near and distant future? What challenges are on the horizon? What opportunities are there to be grasped?

In an informal setting, we’re bringing together the talent in our network to discuss the hot topics in our industry and, together, come up with a plan for facing them head on.

First up, we’re turning our attention to diversity and inclusion.


Why diversity and inclusion?

The issues associated with diversity and inclusion are varied; often subtle, frequently complex, and at times incredibly sensitive. If people don’t feel comfortable dealing with a potentially awkward subject they may choose not to deal with it at all. Combined with the kind of arbitrary targets and quotas set by well-meaning but naïve senior leaders, the actual experience of individuals in an organisation may be vastly different from what anyone would hope for colleagues.

As internal communicators, we have the opportunity to support and accelerate the diversity & inclusion agenda. We can educate and inform. We can set the topic and tone of conversation. And through a ripple effect from more open and honest conversations, we can begin to improve working life for the entire workforce.


Who is the event for?

If you care about diversity and inclusion, whether that’s from the perspective of internal comms, employee engagement, voluntary D&I networks or HR, then this event is for you.


How will the event work?

We’re inviting our clients and network of passionate professionals to join us and take action to deliver a meaningful difference to colleagues in our organisations. Our responses and solutions to help make our workplaces more inclusive and our workforces more diverse must be human. And human responses come from people, people like you.

This is not going to be death by powerpoint :) – this is about coming together to talk frankly about the challenges we face and how we can overcome them. We’re inviting industry experts – from the fields of internal comms and diversity and inclusion – to lead conversations around some of the hottest topics right now.

Be part of a discussion in which you can ask questions, share ideas and examples, and crowd-source solutions to take back to your own organisation. We ask that you bring your energy and passion and in return, we’ll reward you with a great evening, new learnings, a wider network, a to-do list and, of course, drinks and nibbles!


Wednesday 27 September 2017
18.30 – 20:30
WeWork, 1 Primrose St,
London EC2A 2EX



How much does it cost?

The purpose of the Future Functions events is to encourage dialogue, knowledge sharing and to generate ideas and solutions for you to take away; it is not to make money! We are merely asking for a £10 nominal booking fee to secure your place, which we will then donate to Macmillan.

After the event

This will not all end the moment you leave the building. We want it to be something bigger, longer lasting and that helps us all to do our work better. Your ideas, your discussions and your challenges will become part of a longer conversation. We’ll ask you for updates, developments and stories about the hurdles you jumped and the solutions you found. We’re so excited to see what we can achieve together.


What’s the big idea?

There’s no shortage of passion in our industry, that’s a given. As internal communicators, we’re at the forefront of – and often ahead of the curve – in large organisations and businesses. But resources are increasingly stretched, priorities change more frequently, and peoples’ communication preferences constantly evolve, so no wonder it’s hard sometimes to focus your attention on the topics that really matter.

At scarlettabbott, we believe in the power of internal communications to make a real difference. Great engagement influences more than just the bottom line. We know it improves quantitative metrics such as retention, productivity and efficiency, and we’re also beginning to understand how it influences more qualitative measures such as culture, wellbeing and advocacy.

So every so often, it’s important to take a step back and look at the world around us in a different way. Identify the areas in which we can have the most positive impact and create a plan to put them into action. Not only will we make lives better for our people, we’ll drive our industry forward.

That’s where Future Functions comes in.