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Digital Diagnostics:
the results

It's been over six months since we launched our Digital Diagnostic tool onto the world; a free online resource for internal communications professionals to 'check in' on their organisations' readiness for the exciting world of digital employee engagement.

In that time, 150 communications professionals have taken a trip to our digital laboratory and received their very own personalised digital communications analysis and report – a review of their digital comms vision, channels, capability and governance, with insights and tips on the areas they’re getting right and those they might wish to modify.

  • If you haven’t already used the digital diagnostics tool, why not give it a try now? It’s free, only takes a few minutes and will give you some great feedback and insights on where you are on your digital communications journey!



What did we discover?

Diving into the data has also given us some great insights into the state of play in digital communications across a wide range of sectors and organisation sizes. And we thought we’d share some of those insights with you today!

  • The average overall score for digital communications across the board was 69! Good going guys, a strong average.
  • For each category, the averages across all results were 72 for vision, 69 for channels, 72 for capability and 63 for governance. How did you do fare against this number? Dig out your report and compare.

Communications professionals from a wide range of sectors participated, with the professional services, media and government sectors getting the most involved. There also seemed to be a split in business sizes, with many small and large businesses participating (below 200 employees, or 2,500+), but not so many mid-sized businesses.



Sector performance

Media was the top performing sector overall, with an average score of 75. With so much media consumed via digital devices, it makes sense that this sector would be the most confident and savvy when it comes to digital communications; the very products  they design and sell are almost always delivered through digital media. High scores in vision, capability and governance helped lift the media sector all the way to the top.

Transportation scored highly in channels, but the lowest score overall in capability – suggesting a sector that has a strong suite of tools on their hands, but the understanding and ability to make the most of them is holding the sector back. We’ve seen this in many organisations that have powerful communications channels introduced by IT teams, but the support and education for rollout has meant these platforms have under-performed despite their massive potential.

Industrial organisations scored the least overall in digital communications. Looking at the theory as to why media scored so highly – an industry whose product is native to digital – it makes sense that these very physical, bricks-and-mortar based organisations aren’t as savvy and experienced in using digital to support employee engagement. A sector whose employees are often field-based adds another hurdle to digital engagement. But this isn’t to say it’s impossible for industrial organisations to prosper in this field; one industrial organisation was able to hit the average of 69, outperforming other sectors.

Utilities is noted as having the lowest vision, something that underpins the wider digital programme and explains why this sector can be seen as performing low across all categories, particularly channels. Like those in the industrial sector, their workforce cannot easily engage with digital platforms due to location, access issues or the nature of their work.

In terms of governance, the health sector ranked lowest. Rules around data, security and access to records in such a data sensitive industry is no doubt creating a difficult environment to manage digital governance for employee engagement. But it’s a sector that should be really leading this category!


Organisation sizes

Small business – 50 to 200 strong – seem to be very strong on digital employee engagement – the overall scores, and individual category scores across vision, channels and capability are constantly strong in these business sizes.

Medium to large businesses with 2,500 to 5,000 employees, appear to be the lowest performers in digital, both in terms of overall scoring, but also in the  vision, channels and governance categories.

Why is this? Nimble organisations have the opportunity to change the way things are done, experiment with new processes and upgrade to ‘digi ways of working’ with less baggage than larger organisations. We’re seeing this lead a big gap in digital strength across the board. Our larger, corporate clients sometimes lament the scale of digital change projects, but also worry about  ‘those startups nipping at our heels…’. So what can these larger businesses do to ensure they stay ahead of the game?

The data suggests a correlation between those organisations that have a dedicated ‘Digital role’ and better performing digital engagement, which is very evident when looking at business size. It seems that smaller organisations are more likely to have a specific digital role than larger organisations, despite being leaner in terms of numbers. It appears a dedication to digital and dedicated resource really does help build business digital maturity…

Of course, we have to caveat the scores above with the insight that this survey was from a sample of 150 communications professionals, and were self-scored by the people who are responsible or have a role in employee engagement for their organisations. As such, these analyses were not performed by an external independent party, but still give a useful insight into how the communications industry sees itself performing in the area of digital employee engagement.


How can we help?

Taking our digital diagnostics to the next level, we can provide you with a professional, independent and informative audit of your digital communications capability. Our team of Internal Communications Consultants and I can help you understand the best way to engage your employees through digital media and platforms. We will enable you and your employees to connect, communicate and collaborate using some of the most exciting and empowering digital tools on the market! Give us a call/email/tweet/poke… and we’ll help define your digital employee engagement vision, ensure you have the right channels in place to deliver it, empower your people to use the tools, and ensure your governance is rock solid.


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