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Take Pride

June is Pride month, during which a high concentration of events and celebrations take place around the world for the LGBTI communities and their allies.

At scarlettabbott, weʼve been working with clients of all sizes to support their efforts to engage colleagues in Pride and other diversity and inclusion programmes.

For example, eBay colleagues have been taking to the streets of San Francisco, (not to mention Madrid, Dublin, London and Berlin) to celebrate Pride. Whatʼs more, theyʼve been sharing content on their own social media channels through a new employee advocacy platform that weʼve been working on with the eBay internal comms team to populate and manage.

In the UK, the eBay team are warming up for London Pride with a rainbow party in their London office on July 8th. On the day of the Pride parade, eBay team members will be taking photos and videos on the day to create content that other colleagues can share.

Itʼs an inventive way of promoting how important diversity is to the business, in a really authentic way.

No matter what size your business is, promoting an inclusive culture is incredibly important. Events such as Pride turn up the volume on the issues still faced by the LGBTI community.

A recent snap survey by myGwork, a networking site for LGBTI professionals, found that half of the LGBTI members that responded (70% of which were UK-based) donʼt think their company is inclusive*.

Itʼs generally accepted that a diverse and inclusive culture leads to business benefits. Darren Towers, executive director of business development at Stonewall, the company that runs the annual top 100 workplace equality index for LGBTI employees, says: “We believe people perform better when they can be themselves. Businesses with high-performing staff typically have inclusive policies, benefits that apply to everyone, and a workplace culture where diversity is not just welcomed, but championed at all levels.”*

So, Pride is not just for June: diversity and inclusion belongs on the internal communications agenda throughout the year.

Weʼre exploring the future functions of internal communicators through a series of events. And weʼre kicking off with diversity and inclusion.

At an event for internal communications professionals, and those people working and volunteering in diversity and inclusion, weʼll be exploring the big questions facing teams in large organisations today. To register your interest, please email



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