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Introducing MetrIC

Proving the ROI of internal communications is one of the biggest challenges facing IC professionals...


Alignment + Belonging + Collaboration = Engagement

With an approach underpinned by academic frameworks, we’ll link theory and practice to show how alignment, belonging and collaboration influence the extent to which your employees feel engaged.




  • Prove the ROI of your IC function through short-term campaigns or longer-term engagement initiatives.
  • Present up-to-date information on performance and progress to your stakeholders using an online dashboard optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Feel confident that you’re measuring the right things with a methodology grounded in academic frameworks.
  • Measure what people say and do by combining opinion data and usage statistics.
  • Input or upload data quickly and easily.



Contextualise the performance: what are the trends, what’s changed? In less than 100 words, what is it you and your stakeholders need to know?

Your monthly goal: The score out of 100 shows how you’re performing as an IC team. We’ll crunch the numbers and weight your objectives accordingly.

For you, it’s the one number to benchmark against internally, month after month. For your stakeholders, it’s just one number to look at and easily monitor how you’re doing.

There might be multiple data points that contribute to your objectives, but let’s keep the smart thinking and algorithms in the background. The simple dashboard enables you to show your stakeholders the key performance figures, so they know which areas need focusing on.

Track performance month after month, and even show how it compares to other data points, such as attrition, share price or the take-up of an internal initiative.

Updating the data is down to you. Depending on your system, updates can be manual, automatic or a mix of the two – it’s all about providing the data that proves your objectives.



Interested in proving the ROI of IC?
Join our seminar: Thursday 19th October