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Game changers

The future is happening.

We see new developments occur around us at increasing pace and regularity. What’s normal today was unheard of 20 years ago. And in five years’ time, what’s normal today will already be way out of date.

As an agency, we’re in the privileged position of working with some of the leading businesses in all major sectors in the UK, and an increasing number of global clients. We see great leaps forward being made in engagement, technology, ways of working, products and services. These developments throw up challenges for internal communications teams, who often operate in that awkward position between future technologies and legacy systems; fast-changing customers and change-resistant colleagues; increasing workloads and squeezed resources. Finding solutions to their needs is what gets us out of bed every morning and keeps us plenty busy in the present.

We decided to unshackle ourselves from the challenges of the present day and apply our collective minds to what our industry might look like in the future. All of our consultants researched what they believe to be the true game changers that will shape the world of internal communications in the near future.

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Measuring Success

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