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Aviva Investors rebrand

Delivering a brand new brand

We partnered with Aviva Investors to create a compelling and impactful internal communications strategy ahead of the launch of their new brand in the summer of 2015. Working closely with a cross-functional project team, we developed a co-ordinated campaign designed to engage and excite 1,200 global colleagues in the new brand, and empower them to deliver on the new brand promise.

This week in a series of blogs, we look back and reflect on a project that we’re hugely proud of.

PART 1: The challenge

It was our challenge to help colleagues get under the skin of their customers, helping them understand what they are trying to achieve and how Aviva Investors can help them reach these outcomes. It was vital that this felt more than just a new ‘sign above the door’, so we had to demonstrate clear alignment with the business strategy and deliver consistent and authentic messages to all audiences within the business.

Aviva Investors – Part 1: The Challenge

Aviva Investors’ new brand is a reflection of their ambition to re-position their business in the marketplace and showcase what makes them uniquely customer centric.


Our employee engagement strategy was based on principles of collaboration and co-creation: we worked with a cross-functional team of over 100 stakeholders – from departments including HR, Operations, IT, Marketing and PR – to develop an innovative employee engagement strategy that actively contributed to the activity taking place externally.

Planning took place in weekly project meetings, with actions agreed and outputs captured in the form of stakeholder decks for senior sign-off before production began. This allowed the necessary people to give their feedback on the plans, and sense-check that our proposed interventions would work for the intended audience.

PART 2: Laying the groundwork

From day one, scarlettabbott and the rebrand project team worked closely to map out the scale and scope of the internal engagement. We started by developing a strategic narrative of the rebrand based on interviews with key stakeholders and preparatory work completed by the rebrand team.

The narrative laid out why the new brand was essential, what it was and how it would be implemented, and what delivering it successfully would achieve.

The programme was launched with a group discussion exercise during which managers could discuss the journey ahead with their teams. This allowed everyone to hear a consistent message about the overall direction of the business, but also explore the local impact and the particular challenges they would have to overcome in the coming months.


We created a distinctive visual identity for all rebrand communications. This worked as a ‘holding brand’, a neutral look and feel that would signal change without giving the game away ahead of launch.

PART 3: Aviva Investors Rebrand portal: our-AIRport

Subsequent messaging relating to the rebrand was delivered through a secure microsite – our-AIRport – which served as the focal point for our communications campaign. The strategic narrative of the rebrand was rolled out in a phased approach, with new chapters added each week allowing colleagues to digest content at their own pace.

INSPIRE-Aviva-rebrand-INPost-Part3a copy

We used a variety of multimedia and interactive features on the site.

Visitors could see video, animation, clickable diagrams and PDF downloads.

Each page carried a clear call to action to maximise opportunities for colleagues to have a voice.

A key section on the site holds investor personas; which allow colleagues to really get to know their customers. We used a mixture of fact files, quotes, word clouds, audio recordings and animations to build up a picture of each persona.

Aviva Investors website branding toolkit

The site continues to be a key touch-point for colleagues post-launch, hosting the resource toolkit that enables colleagues to effectively deliver and protect the brand.

PART 4: The BIG Reveal Event

On the day before the launch of the new brand, colleagues were invited to a global ‘reveal’ event at which they got an exclusive preview of the new creative treatment. Reflecting the content on the microsite, colleagues were taken on a journey from where the brand has been, how the brand has been developed and how customers are at its core.

Aviva Investors global launch events

Simultaneous events took place in London, Chicago, Paris, Singapore and Luxembourg.

As a final, personal touch, we invited employees around the world to commit to protecting the brand by adding their signature to a pledge wall, and tell to us what part of the brand journey they were most excited about.

Aviva Investors pledge wall and white card exercise


Part 5: Measures of success

Throughout the project, we worked as an extension of the rebrand project team. We joined regular project calls and meetings, and were able to flex the resource we offered to meet the different needs of the team at different stages of the project. This flexibility and connectivity allowed us to deliver this project as if we were part of the team itself, and this contributed significantly to its success.

  • Much-needed morale boost and elevated sense of pride
  • 61% advertising awareness in November (compared to 61% in November)
  • 60% of colleagues visited the microsite during the launch campaign


“I’ve been very impressed with the engagement and quality of the work produced – it’s been great to have such an excellent partner on board to help us deliver our new proposition.”

Isla Mackenzie, Global Head of Marketing & External Communications



At scarlettabbott we believe a brand is only as powerful as the experiences your customers have. Your employees are key to delivering your brand authentically, so it’s vital to engage them throughout any major brand activity. If your brand is due a refresh, talk to us on 01904 633399.