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Internal communications is our passion here at scarlettabbott – but music is a constant source of inspiration. And we have a lot of love for the good old vinyl LP.

A record resurgence is taking the world by storm, with vinyl sales going through the roof and a vinyl-only Top 40 chart. Even Tesco is stocking 12” records again these days.

But why have we fallen back in love with a format many thought was dead and buried? While most music tends to be accessed through digital streams and downloads, it’s a bit of a treat to have something physical, something tangible.

Many music fans have missed being able to sit at home and listen to our favourite album while thumbing through its printed sleeve – studying the artwork, reading the liner notes and singing along to the lyrics.

As the nation’s popularity for vinyl grows, so does the expectation for musical artists to push the boundaries with their album artwork.
Here are a few wacky records that have really taken our eye:


Breakbot’s “By Your Side”
chocolate vinyl

  • Chocolate edition, pressed on real chocolate
  • Limited to 150 copies.


Ghostbusters “Stay Puft”
marshmallow scented vinyl

Ghostbusters vinyl

  • Marshmallow scented jacket
  • 12” White vinyl single
  • Two 12 x 12 Stay Puft 3D lenticular images from the film
  • One 12 x 12 Stay Puft 3D motion lenticular image from the film
  • Puffy gatefold jacket which simulates the feel and texture of a marshmallow
  • Limited to 3,000 copies.


Jack White “Freedom at 21”
flexi disk balloon launch

  • Attached to helium balloons and released from Nashville
  • Includes a screen printed postcard with details on how to plot the GPS coordinates of where you found your record
  • Limited to 1,000 copies.