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In the first of our ‘Magspiration’ series, we look at a publication that really knows its audience.

As creative folk with our fingers on the pulse, we’re always on the lookout for new styles, trends and ideas. Each of us buys our fair share of newspapers and magazines, and we all consume masses of editorial content online every day, sometimes without even realising the sheer volume we get through! It’s where our hobbies overlap with our work.

When we see something that inspires us, or grabs our attention, we share it with the rest of the team. We explain what we like about it, why it works, and how it could help our clients deliver world-class internal communications.

At our most recent ‘Magspiration’ get-together we took a look at the monthly football magazine When Saturday Comes – a publication that Rich, our Senior IC Writer and Editor, had brought in.




Learning something new

Although a magazine, it encourages readers to read it like a book – every word, from cover to cover. Every article is thoughtfully and intelligently written. It also avoids the ‘chatty’ style that’s preferred by so many other football magazines.

Its strength is in the way it dissects the sport, often cynically, at all levels. But above all, it treats its audience with respect, understanding that they want to learn, and feel informed (so Rich can sound more knowledgeable!).

This is the ultimate goal of most internal communication campaigns – to inform employees; to empower them; to give them the information they need to understand their role in their company’s strategy and direction, so they can talk about it and feel in-the-know.


Meeting their expectations

Obviously every piece of internal communication is driven by great content that employees will want to read, and then brought together with great imagery, clever designs and intuitive layouts.

Employees should find their internal communications interesting, engaging and informative. They should want to read it and digest it because they know it’ll not just meet but go beyond their expectations. It should give them the tools they need to do their jobs!



We’re currently exploring new ideas that could ultimately change the way your employees think and feel about your publication. Take a look at our case studies to see how we’ve done this for our clients.