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Cause for thought

How we ran, rowed and raffled to raise £5,000 for Dementia Forward.

We work our socks off at scarlettabbott, but even our toughest days don’t come close to some of the hardship many people face.

It was that thought that inspired us to make a difference. So at the start of 2015 we pledged to raise as much money as we could for Dementia Forward, a charity that supports people living with dementia and those who care for them.

By running, rowing, raffling, baking, dressing up and growing dubious facial hair (not all at once!) we exceeded our own expectations and raised an incredible £5,000!


Digging deep

Some of the fundraising activities were straightforward enough, like the Easter egg raffle, the bake sale, and when our normally clean-shaven Production Manager Richard Bibby let it all grow for Movember. Then there were the more demanding events, like the triathlon, the Major Series obstacle course, and of course the York Dragon Boat Race, where we turned up as the most uncoordinated, inexperienced bunch of the lot and then rowed our way to a breath-taking victory!




Making a difference

The £5,000 donation gives Dementia Forward’s café in York better resources and more help to people living with dementia in the city and surrounding areas.

Netty Newell, Operations/Communications Liaison Manager for Dementia Forward, and Mike East, a Dementia Support Advisor at the York café, recently visited our Chapel to collect the cheque. They were joined by Peter, who is living with dementia, and his wife and carer Christine.


What the money will do

Netty said: “Your money gives us great relief, and leaves us free to concentrate on what we do best. It means Mike can continue with home visits, and we can continue to provide activities and resources at the café so people can come together, share knowledge and have fun.”

“You’ve done more than raise funds,” said Mike. “You’re also helping to raise awareness of dementia, which is just as important,” he said. “People have heard of dementia, but they don’t fully understand it. The more people who understand it, the greater chance we have of reducing the stigma around it.”

Peter added: “I think it’s important for every workplace to have people who understand dementia. And for anyone living with it, my advice is to embrace it. The café is a great place to talk to people. I’ve met so many nice people there. I really enjoy going!”




How you can help

Dementia Forward has five cafés across Yorkshire. You can find your nearest one by visiting their website

If you’ve been inspired by our story and would like to make a difference, there are a variety of ways you can donate, too – take a look!


What you can do at a Dementia Forward café

The cafés offer a great support network. It’s for everyone – not just those living with dementia, but their family and friends too. It’s a relaxed and friendly place where carers and volunteers come together, learn together, chat, socialise and have fun.


Learn more about dementia forward here