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Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!

To mark St Patrick’s Day, we’re celebrating the tradition of Irish storytelling.

From the spine-tingling prose of its world-renowned authors, to the charming tales told by its impassioned pub regulars, the Irish use of language is famously gripping and colourful. Their linguistic lineage stretches back into Ancient times. Gaelic, Ireland’s official language, is the second oldest written language in Europe (after Latin) and has been spoken for more than 2,500 years.

The importance of language and communication comes through in Irish myths and legends. Take the Blarney Stone, which is said to bestow the gift of eloquence on anyone who kisses it. Not strength, love, good luck, but eloquence – the ability to talk fluently, elegantly and persuasively. Over time, the word ‘blarney’ has evolved to mean clever, flattering, or coaxing speech that is sweetened by humour and flavoured by wit. Built into the battlements of Blarney Castle near Cork, the Blarney Stone is now a popular tourist site, with visitors from across the world descending to kiss the stone and become great talkers.

This contrasts with another stone-related legend from Britain – King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone, which glorifies the virtues of strength, courage and power.

In short, while British myths and legends tend to exalt military prowess, their equivalents across the Irish Sea promote storytelling that is intelligent, convincing and engaging.

And it’s not just the Irish that have the gift of the gab – we do too! We know how to power conversations among colleagues and illuminate the passion in the work they do, just like the best writers, speakers and singers from the Emerald Isle are able tell stories that transcend everyday life by giving readers the chance to connect with different characters, experiences and attitudes.

In our stories, the protagonist is always the client, their company, their products, and their services. The villain is the enemy of their success – an obstacle that slows down employee engagement, preventing their business from flourishing. But then, suddenly, there’s a revelation in the form of a strategy we create for them to foster a sense of community among their colleagues and effectively communicate messages and stories. The final chapter of our story is the transformation, the happy ending, where the client’s business is able to fulfill its potential because we’ve helped them to achieve greater employee engagement.

Do you want to be part of our story?