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A healthy dose
of design

We’re loving the redesign and new lease of life that Women’s Health’s Art Director Nick Thackray has given the UK version of the magazine.

Stunning and beautiful spreads with gorgeous photography and divine typography make this publication a work of art that’s worthy of a place in any hall of fame. The way the articles are presented is a masterclass in how to make information easily digestable – it’s simple, easy to follow, and above all accessible. There’s more to this piece of perfect print than meets the eye.

OK, enough gushing! What’s this got to do with internal communications? Come on, get real, we don’t have that kind of space or budget!

Well, we’re always on the lookout for inspiration and innovation in the world of editorial design. That way we can bring the latest reader trends to the work we produce – and make sure that your employee publications can feel at home on coffee tables throughout the land, or read with pride on morning commutes.