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As easy as ABC

As a creative internal communications agency we are inspired by architecture, photography, furniture… anything! So when we come across a piece of design that’s extra special, we share it.

While researching illustration we stumbled upon a book that’s filled with beautiful illustrations and humorous writing from cover to cover.

‘Alphabetics: An Aesthetically Awesome Alliterated Alphabet Anthology’ is essentially a children’s guide to the letters of the alphabet. However, in this book, C is not for ‘cat’. C is for ‘colossal cornelius’, which is interestingly described as ‘captures curious carnie companions on his classic Contaflex camera’.

All 26 letters are given equally funny alliterations that sit beside their own distinctive illustrations.

The book was made to stimulate young minds, and it’s a perfect example of how words and design can come together to create something truly unique.


buy alphabetics here