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Introducing the
SA news app

Zapp is a secure, online community for news, discussion and sharing, with all the engagement tools you’d dream of from a modern-day platform!

Think about your fave app on your phone – it enables you to do something really awesome, really easily, right?

We believe the best platforms have focus – they do one thing, but they do it really well.

Zapp’s focus is delivering news to your colleagues and getting them to talk about it by enabling them to like, comment and share content.

That’s it.

The real value of Zapp lies in creating an informed and connected workplace where employees understand, and can discuss and debate on, business strategy, growth and day-to-day successes. A place where all employees receive relevant, timely news and content that helps them do their jobs brilliantly, AND allows them to discuss and share that content easily with their peers.

Below are the market-leading (and very cool) things that Zapp enables your colleagues to do and how it will benefit your business:

Reading news

All colleagues, whether desk-based or on the move, can be informed and up to date on company news.


  • Personalised, relevant news feeds – see important news, news by colleagues and news in your region
  • On the go? See a summary of the key news highlights with the ‘news in 10 seconds’ feature
  • Bookmark articles for later or to read when you have no internet connection
  • Key Topics makes it easy to read articles of the same subject on one timeline
  • Search news for articles, authors and topics.



Publishing news

Genuine two-way interaction and colleague generated content.


  • Create content on desktop or mobile, perfect for out-and-about, real-time news sharing
  • Optional all-colleague publishing or delegated content posting for selected individuals in your business
  • Optional content workflows for colleagues, to ensure content is appropriate for your business.



Social interactions

Amplified employee voice through all colleagues being able to interact with, and share, content.


  • Colleagues can share their sentiments – ‘like’, ‘love’, ‘high-five’, ‘confused’ and ‘frown’ – for every article
  • Article commenting allows employees to share their voice, with @-mentioning to bring others into the conversation
  • A share button lets users promote news items within the employee community or increase social media activity externally.




No IT barriers preventing access to content. All colleagues have access. 24/7.


  • All your content, stories and social interactions can be accessed via desktop and mobile apps
  • Web browser functionality means that anyone with a browser on their mobile phone has access.




A constant ‘ear to the business’ – real time insights, all the time.


  • Access reports on article views, sentiment tracking, commenting and popularity, based on location and department
  • See sentiment based on locale or lists of users that create the most ‘loved’ content, for insightful behaviour spotting.




A news app that is uniquely yours – in terms of content, look and feel and tone of voice.


  • Your very own news app branded with your colour palette, logos and mobile home-screen icon
  • Brand compliant from the moment your employees open the app – no generic ‘site’
  • Choose the sentiments that best suit your internal tone of voice.




Peace of mind in terms of IT security and authentication.


  • We offer email authentication out-of-the-box, using email domain or whitelists to approve access for employees
  • Active directory, mobile number and/or magic-code authentication is also possible – just get us talking to your IT team!
  • Data is stored in the EU via Amazon Web Services, a trusted world leader in cloud storage.


Our IC roots

This platform has been built by Internal Communicators, for Internal Communicators. We appreciate the challenges of reaching geographically dispersed audiences, the importance of measurement and insight, and the need for a platform that delivers and exceeds tangible IC and engagement objectives.



Want to see Zapp in action?

We’re confident that Zapp is the best platform on the market today when it comes to putting engaging business content into the hands of your employees… and we’re super keen to show it off! If this sounds like the next big thing in your channel mix, let’s arrange a date to come and show you more.

We can also talk about how we might be able to help you with stakeholder engagement and sign off, launch and rollout, best in class governance, leadership advocacy and getting employees using it to its full business capacity. We can also help you create and curate content in the short or long term.