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Channel audit

RECOMMENDED FOR: IC professionals, operational communicators, content teams and IC networks members
duration 3 hours group flexible

in a nutshell

Maximise your channels with a strategic review and refresh.

In this session we will ‘kick the tyres’ of your existing channel infrastructure to maximise what you have, uncovering the gaps and envision new and innovative channels for the future. We will diagnose your audiences’ wants and needs, and future-proof your channel roadmap.

your facilitators

Channel audit

Rachel Thornton

Founding Director

Rachel led Internal Communication functions for Marks & Spencer Money, First Direct and Norwich Union before joining scarlettabbott in 2006. She now leads projects for our global clients on transformation, change management, strategy, vision and values. Rachel is highly experienced in facilitating workshops and designing interactive learning experiences.


Channel audit

Becky Chelin

Head of client services

With more than ten years’ experience in helping clients maximise the impact of their channels, Becky previously lead the Content and Channels team of editors, writers and project managers. In her current role as Head of Client Services, she continues to support clients in developing content publishing strategies across their channels to ensure all content resonates with the intended audiences.