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You've an exciting new digital journey planned... now shout it from the rooftops!

The vision is clear. The platform is in place. The rules and permissions are there, along with the employee capability… but if nobody else knows about your digital communication ambitions, then it’s all been for nothing!

The launch is an essential part in communicating, very clearly to the business, that the way we’ll be communicating in the future is getting a *big* shot in the arm. The digital opportunities are open to everyone, and our success is built on community participation.

A successful rollout plan tells everyone in the business; senior stakeholders, desk based workers, those in logistics, on the road, in the warehouses, on the shop floor… that they have powerful new tools, and an exciting chance to do things differently.


What can your people do now that they couldn’t before, and how will you ensure they all know about it?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the digital ambitions of the organisation being heard by the whole business?
  • Are your senior stakeholders ready to give their support to the cause; participating not just online, but talking to their teams and peers about the benefits and leading by example?
  • Are your Advocates primed and ready to support questions, teething problems, and advocate the platform in their local departments and regions?
  • What celebratory and fun ways can you launch your new platforms and ways of working that showcase the best of the new while making it accessible and exciting too?


Creating exciting ways to lead new, positive behaviours

A large global media organisation had recently acquired a new Enterprise Social Network for their people. The governance, strategy and advocates were all in place; now they needed to make a real splash with their employees to lead the behaviour change they desired.

Exciting and inspiring videos, posters, leader blogs, competitions, departmental training, desk drops, mailers, roadshows, town-hall spots and other media were designed and coordinated across an ambitious international launch campaign to showcase the best of the platform and make these new ways of communicating and collaborating accessible and easy for employees to understand and be a part of.


Talk to us!

If you’d like support in creating a informative, empowering and exciting launch strategy for your digital ambitions, we’re in a fantastic position to help.

Through a clear understanding of your digital vision, we can help articulate this in a language that resonates with the diverse audiences within your business, so that these ambitions make real sense to the people that are intended to benefit from them.



Get in touch and let’s discuss how to launch your digital ambitions and platforms so that everyone feels included and empowered.